1. Selected Ambient Works 85–92
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Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known by his alias Aphex Twin, is an Irish born British electronic musician and composer based in London. He is best known for his influential and idiosyncratic work in electronic music styles such as IDM and ambient techno in the 1990s, for which he won widespread critical acclaim. He is also the co-founder of Rephlex Records with Grant Wilson-Claridge.

Initially releasing acid and techno records as AFX and under other aliases, James first received widespread acclaim for his 1992 album Selected Ambient Works 85-92 and his subsequent 1993 release Selected Ambient Works Volume II. He rose to mainstream popularity with his 1997 EP, Come To Daddy and his 1999 single "Windowlicker". Taking a 14-year hiatus following the release of his 2001 album Drukqs to mixed reviews, James returned in 2014 with a new album, Syro, earning him critical praise and a win for Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

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