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Animals on Wheels

Animals on Wheels is the stage name of Andrew Coleman, an electronic musician based in Cambridge.Coleman collaborated with Adam Butler (aka Vert) to form Bovinyl, an independent record label, and released his first EP, Baits Bite, in 1996. The EP is named after Bates Bite lock, an on the River Cam where Coleman lived and produced music on his houseboat.In 1997, he signed with Ninja Tune and released another EP, Cooked EP. He then went on to release various albums and EPs with Ninja Tune and other labels. He published the EP Dummy on the LaMadameAvecLaChien label in 2009. Coleman collaborated with Mike King (aka iCON the Mic King / MiC K!NG) under the name Robots with Hearts.Since 2012 Coleman has been releasing tracks regularly on his SoundCloud account.

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Genres electronic drum n bass idm downtempo experimental
Top release Designs and Mistakes


  1. 6.0
    Designs and Mistakes
  2. Nuvol i Cadira

Other releases

  1. Joyless Fade Impeller
  2. Baits Bite
  3. Cooked
  4. Modular Existence