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  1. MG1 stars
  2. Ionic Funk (20XXX Battle Music) stars
  3. Krystle (URL Cyber Palace Mix) stars
  4. Ginger Claps stars
  5. Ghost stars
  6. 覆面調査員 (GabberTrap mix) stars
  7. Out By 16, Dead on the Scene stars
  8. かわいい Post Rave Maximalist stars
  9. Phase α stars
  10. Freewill (Phase β) stars
  11. Excruciating Deth (Phase γ) stars
  12. Hidden Power (Phase δ) stars
  13. MG2 stars
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Machine Girl

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  3. ... Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For

The Machine Girl (片腕マシンガール, Kataude Mashin Gāru) is a 2008 Japanese action shock/gore film written and directed by Noboru Iguchi with special effects by Yoshihiro Nishimura (who went on to direct Tokyo Gore Police). The film stars Minase Yashiro as Ami, Asami as Miki, Kentarō Shimazu as Ryūgi Kimura and Honoka as his wife. It is about an orphaned Japanese schoolgirl whose life is destroyed when her brother is killed by a son of a Ninja-Yakuza clan. When her hand is cut off, she replaces it with a makeshift machine gun and seeks revenge.

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