1. Black Secret Technology
  2. Activity

Black Secret Technology

electronic drum n bass jungle
  1. So Many Dreams stars
  2. Alita’s Dream stars
  3. Finley’s Rainbow (Slow Motion mix) stars
  4. The Nile stars
  5. Energy (extended mix) stars
  6. Silent Cry (Gerico) stars
  7. Dreaming of You stars
  8. Survival stars
  9. Cybergen stars
  10. The Reno stars
  11. Cyberjazz stars
  12. Voodoo Rage stars
  13. Life Unfolds His Mystery stars
  14. End of the Tunnel stars

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A Guy Called Gerald

Gerald Simpson (born 16 February 1967, Moss Side, Manchester, England), better known as A Guy Called Gerald, is a British DJ, record producer and musician.

He is best known for his early work in the Manchester acid house scene in the late 1980s and the track "Voodoo Ray". At that time, he specialised in techno music produced using equipment such as the Roland TB-303 bass synthesiser and the TR-808 drum machine. His style developed during the early 1990s, and his 1995 album Black Secret Technology would become a "much-touted candidate for 'best jungle album ever.'"

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