1. Concrete Desert
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6.0 Concrete Desert

electronic hip hop
  1. City of Fallen Angels stars
  2. Gasoline stars
  3. Agoraphobia stars
  4. Snakes vs Rats stars
  5. Broke stars
  6. American Dream stars
  7. Don’t Walk These Streets stars
  8. Other Side of the World stars
  9. Hell A stars
  10. Concrete Desert stars

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The Bug

Kevin Martin is a musician, record producer and journalist, often known under his recording alias The Bug from England, UK. Martin moved to London around 1990 and is now currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has been active for over two decades, in the genres of dub, jazzcore, industrial hip hop, dancehall, and dubstep.

His projects include GOD, Techno Animal, Ice, Curse of the Golden Vampire, Pressure, and most recently, King Midas Sound. He has collaborated with such figures as Daddy Freddy, John Zorn, Justin Broadrick, Experimental Audio Research, El-P, Blixa Bargeld, Alec Empire, Death Grips, Dälek, Vast Aire, Warrior Queen, Anti-Pop Consortium, DJ Vadim, Cutty Ranks, Flow Dan, Mark Stewart and Keith Levene.

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Earth is an American musical group based in Olympia, Washington, formed in 1989 and led by the guitarist Dylan Carlson. Earth's music is nearly all instrumental, and can be divided into two distinct stages. Their early work is characterized by distortion, droning, minimalism, and lengthy, repetitive song structures. The band's later output reduces the distortion while incorporating elements of country, jazz rock, and folk. Earth is recognized as a pioneer of drone metal, with the band's Earth 2 being regarded as a milestone of the genre.

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