1. Fahrenheit Fair Enough
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6.0 Fahrenheit Fair Enough

electronic ambient leftfield experimental idm
  1. Fahrenheit Fair Enough stars
  2. TTV stars
  3. Lotus Above Water stars
  4. John Thomas on the Inside Is Nothing but Foam stars
  5. Life Is All About Taking Things In and Putting Things Out stars
  6. Your Face Reminds Me of When I Was Old stars
  7. What's the Use of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs? stars
  8. Introductory Nomenclature stars
  9. Fahrenheit Far Away stars

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Telefon Tel Aviv

Telefon Tel Aviv is a New Orleans–derived, Chicago-based American electronic music act, formerly comprising Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis. Since Cooper's accidental death in 2009, Telefon Tel Aviv has continued with Eustis as the sole official member. Eustis is also known for being a member of the most recent lineup of Puscifer and Nine Inch Nails' live performances.

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