1. Fevers and Mirrors
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2.0 Fevers and Mirrors

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  1. A Spindle, a Darkness, a Fever, and a Necklace stars
  2. A Scale, a Mirror and Those Indifferent Clocks stars
  3. The Calendar Hung Itself… stars
  4. Something Vague stars
  5. The Joy in Discovery stars
  6. The Movement of a Hand stars
  7. When the Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass stars
  8. Arienette stars
  9. Jetsabel Removes the Undesirables stars
  10. Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh stars
  11. The Center of the World stars
  12. Sunrise, Sunset. stars
  13. An Attempt to Tip the Scales stars
  14. A Song to Pass the Time stars

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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is an American indie rock band founded by singer-songwriter and guitarist Conor Oberst. It consists of Oberst, multi-instrumentalist and producer Mike Mogis, trumpet and piano player Nate Walcott, and a rotating lineup of collaborators drawn primarily from Omaha's indie music scene.

Bright Eyes is signed to Saddle Creek Records, a Nebraska-based label founded by Conor Oberst's brother Justin Oberst and Bright Eyes member Mike Mogis, now distributed by Sony Corporation.

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