1. Iaora Tahiti
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Iaora Tahiti

electronic abstract idm
  1. Stereomission stars
  2. Kompod stars
  3. Saturday Night Worldcup Fieber stars
  4. Schunkel stars
  5. Gocard stars
  6. Kanu stars
  7. Bib stars
  8. Schlecktron stars
  9. Preprise stars
  10. Papa, Antoine stars
  11. Omnibuzz stars
  12. Hallo stars
  13. Die Innere Orange stars

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Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars are an electronic music duo formed in Germany in 1993, consisting of Jan St. Werner from Köln, and Andi Toma from Düsseldorf. Their music is a blend of electronic genres including but not limited to IDM, dub, krautrock, breakbeat, and ambient, featuring heavy use of organic analog synth and cross-frequency modulation. Their music also features live instrumentation including strings, horns, drums, bass and guitar.

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