1. Mirror
  2. Activity

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4.0 Mirror

electronic hip hop ambient instrumental
  1. Sound of Silence stars
  2. Luv Letter stars
  3. You Gotta Be stars
  4. Pack Light stars
  5. Afterschool stars
  6. Following the Dream stars
  7. Free Bird stars
  8. Sweet Light stars
  9. All I Have stars
  10. Minamo stars
  11. Evening Comes 2 stars

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DJ Okawari is an independent Japanese DJ, record producer and composer born and based in Shizuoka, Japan. His style mixes instrumental hip hop, nu jazz, and japanese jazz. Piano is an instrumental theme in his music. In his career, he has released seven studio albums: "Diorama" in 2008, "Mirror" in 2009, "Kaleidoscope" in 2011, "Compass" in 2017, "Restore" (with Emily Styler) and "Perfect Blue" in 2018, and “Nightfall” (with Celeina Ann) in 2019.

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