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hip hop conscious
  1. Beef Rapp stars
  2. Hoe Cakes stars
  3. Potholderz stars
  4. One Beer stars stars
  5. Deep Fried Frenz stars
  6. Poo-Putt Platter stars
  7. Fillet-O-Rapper stars
  8. Gumbo stars
  9. Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate stars
  10. Kon Karne stars
  11. Guinesses stars
  12. Kon Queso stars
  13. Rapp Snitch Knishes stars stars
  14. Vomitspit stars
  15. Kookies stars



Daniel Dumile (pronounced /ˈdml/ DOO-mə-lay; born 9 January 1971) is a British hip hop recording artist who spent most of his life in the United States. Best known for his "super villain" stage persona and unique lyrics, Dumile has taken on several stage names in his career, most notably as Metal Face Doom or MF DOOM. He has appeared in several collaborative projects such as Madvillain (with Madlib), DANGERDOOM (with Danger Mouse), DOOMSTARKS (with Ghostface Killah), JJ DOOM (with Jneiro Jarel), and NehruvianDOOM (with Bishop Nehru).

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