1. Rafi's Revenge
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Rafi's Revenge

electronic leftfield drum n bass dub
  1. Naxalite stars
  2. Buzzin' stars
  3. Black White stars
  4. Assassin stars
  5. Hypocrite stars
  6. Charge stars
  7. Free Satpal Ram stars
  8. Dub Mentality stars
  9. Culture Move stars
  10. Operation Eagle Lie stars
  11. Change stars
  12. Tribute to John Stevens stars

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Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) is an English electronica band that combines the musical styles rapcore, dub, dancehall and ragga. Unlike many electronic music acts, the group also includes traditional rock instruments such as electric bass and guitar, which acknowledges a punk rock influence. Their music is known for its deep, dub-inspired basslines, guitar parts inspired by the traditional Indian instrument the sitar, and fast rapping.

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