1. The Breeze Was Mellow
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The Breeze Was Mellow

electronic jazz trip hop latin downtempo future jazz
  1. Apple Strudel stars
  2. Hearty Do-Lallies stars
  3. Mr. Pavement Man in Urburbia stars
  4. Clandestine Operation stars
  5. Lazy Daze stars
  6. Utopian Skank stars
  7. Too Many Tricksters stars
  8. Nightwalk stars
  9. A Bootful of Tablas stars
  10. Y Ahora Tu stars
  11. Coffee at Senior Roody's stars
  12. ¡Qué Pasatiempo Más Formidable! stars
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Up, Bustle and Out are musicians and recording artists - DJ D. "Ein" Fell (also known as Clandestine Ein) and producer-performer Rupert Mould (also known as Señor Roody) from Bristol, Senor Cuffy (Spanish Guitarist), Dave Cridge (Beat Keeper and tour/soundsystem dj) UK. They have released a number of albums and singles on the Ninja Tune independent record label.

Their music combines electronic music, jazz, hip-hop and funk, but with a distinctly international flavour, particularly South American and Cuban influences. The two Master Sessions albums were co-written by Cuban flautist and orchestrator, Richard Egües.

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