1. My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)
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5.0 My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)

electronic classical modern classical breakcore
  1. Colorless stars
  2. The Hopeless Pursuit of Remission stars
  3. Holl├│ Utca 2 stars
  4. Room 379 stars
  5. Integraation stars stars
  6. Holl├│ Utca 5 stars
  7. Holl├│ Utca 3 stars
  8. My Half stars
  9. Holl├│ Utca 4 stars
  10. My Crutch stars stars
  11. I'm Sorry I Failed You stars
  12. Picturesque Pit stars
  13. If I Could Say I Love You stars
  14. Mentioning It stars
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Aaron Funk (born January 11, 1975), known professionally as Venetian Snares, is a Canadian electronic musician based in Winnipeg. He is widely known for innovating and popularising the breakcore genre, and is one of the most recognisable artists to be signed into Planet Mu, an experimental electronic music label similar to Warp. His signature style would involve meticulously complex melodies, his eclectic use of samples and odd time signatures, preferably 7/4.

His 2005 release, Rossz Csillag Alatt Sz├╝letett, was released to critical acclaim and has helped bring Funk and the genre into popularity within the experimental electronic music community.

Being a very prolific musician, he would release several records each year, often between several different record labels, including Planet Mu, Hymen, Sublight, and even his own imprint Timesig, and also under other different alias, including Last Step, Snares Man!, Snares, and Speed Dealer Moms. He would also explore other electronic genres such as glitch, IDM, modern classical and even acid techno.

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