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6.0 As Is.

electronic drum n bass downtempo illbient
  1. Magnesium Flares stars
  2. Ease-in stars
  3. Believe Porpoise stars
  4. Dyed Camel Skins stars
  5. Flutesque stars
  6. In Time stars
  7. Violinstoid stars
  8. 3/10th of the Population stars
  9. Shape Wipe stars
  10. Lillie stars
  11. Tombs and Tombs Only stars
  12. New Agent stars
  13. Ss/sadness-88 stars
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We™ are an illbient production and DJ collective that was formed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1991 by DJ Olive aka Gregor Asch, Lloop aka Rich Panciera and Once 11 aka Nacho aka Ignacio Platas. They have released music on Asphodel Records alongside DJ Spooky, Byzar and Sub Dub. They are now associated with the Agriculture Records label. We™ have remixed tracks for Arto Lindsay, Free Kitten, and Medeski, Martin, and Wood among others.

It is unknown whether or not We™ are still active.

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